About aggregate

Aggregate is a platform which collects content all over the web. It's meant to give the power back to content creators. Aggregate's goal is to get readers as quickly as possible away from it, to quality content.

We started building this platform to answer a simple question: there's lots of quality content out there on the world wide web, how do we find it?

Being bloggers ourselves, we value our own space on the web. This is why aggregate will not host content on its own. It's not aiming to be the second Medium or Hashnode. Instead, aggregate will link to your content, your blog, your website, directly.

Aggregate is also not a social media platform like Reddit, Hackernews, Twitter or Facebook. We don't want content creators to feel guilty about promoting their own content, and neither do we want readers to be spammed with content they don't care about.

This is why we don't have comments or likes; we want people to interact with you on your website, not ours. We also have a manual verification process to ensure no spam ends up on the platform.

We're constantly improving our tagging system, which allows for readers to quickly find the content they are interested in. This is a constant work in progress, and help is welcome.

Help is welcome? Yes, this platform is open source, and everyone is able to help shape its future.

What's in it for you?

If you're a content creator, you can register your RSS feed once, and be done with it. We plan on adding basic statistics, and make lots of improvements to our tagging system; so that your content is found by people who actually want to read it.

If you're a reader, you can scroll through the feed, filter on tags and manage sources. We will keep improving the feed's experience, to ensure you get to read what you really want.